Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement (BPI) is a journey that begins with the desire to make a difference and a strong belief in people’s capacity and potential to create new ways to do things better. We help you design a BPI strategy that fits your organization’s culture and is tailored to meet your project’s specific goals.

Our approach draws on a diverse set of BPI methods ranging from Edward Deming’s traditional incremental approach to other innovative methods designed to leverage your organization’s core strengths to drive dramatic improvements in performance. Our services include process improvement training to provide your staff with the BPI skills they need to be successful.

We will work with you to:

  • Pinpoint your destination and map out a path and a schedule to get there
  • Select who your traveling companions will be and what role they’ll play on your team
  • Decide who you want to check in with along the way to ensure you’re on the right track
  • Define exactly how decisions along the way will be made and by whom

Once you’re on the road we act like a support van to help you and your team get where you want to go more quickly and with less effort. We can do some of the heavy lifting, like keeping a detailed travel log that includes the discoveries you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. We also scout out the road ahead, identifying new paths you might want to explore, and helping you anticipate and avoid hazards and dead ends.

Our goal is to ensure your improvement team gets where they want to go and arrives there motivated, inspired and prepared to set out on their next journey with confidence they can achieve even more.

“ORG did not assume they knew exactly what was needed. Instead they took the time to listen and understand the project’s goals, the agency’s mission and the organizational dynamics. In doing this, they were able to detect and address “hidden” factors that could influence the project. The final results were exemplary and exceeded our expectations.”

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