Results-Focused Performance Management

Does your approach to performance management tap the full potential of your people to help your organization improve and achieve its goals?  Our performance management services begin by learning what performance management systems you may already have in place. We then work with you to build on and improve what you’re already doing by focusing on performance fundamentals, including:

  • Setting clear and shared expectations for supervisors and the people they support.
  • Ensuring people know how what they do fits into the big picture and contributes to the organization’s success.
  • Providing the right kind of coaching and training at the right times to help a person improve their performance.
  • Developing effective, timely and respectful ways to deal with people that are not able to meet the expectations set for them.
  • Soliciting and using feedback from employees to improve how they are supported by their supervisors.

“The outcomes I see from [your work with us] includes increased trust, more efficient decision making, clearer roles and accountabilities, and a stronger commitment from leadership to take action.”

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