Strategy to Action – The IdeaNet™ Solution

Our IdeaNet™ Solution builds a sturdy bridge between planning and doing. Unlike project management software, IdeaNet directly links the work of developing a plan to the work of implementing the plan. Team members use IdeaNet to report on the status of their work. Managers use IdeaNet to efficiently review the progress of multiple projects in real-time. IdeaNet also includes a robust meeting management tool for drafting meeting agendas and efficiently taking and creating meeting minutes.

With IdeaNet your plan will become a living document that drives action and gets results. You will use IdeaNet to:

  • Turn Strategy into Action – IdeaNet builds a sturdy bridge between planning and doing by directly linking the work of developing a plan to the work of implementing the plan. It does this by focusing on the key elements to successful performance management, including role clarity, accountability, and communication.
  • Close the Performance Gap – IdeaNet technology captures what makes your best performers successful at their work in a form that can be used to coach others. This allows you to efficiently close the gap between your top-notch employees and the rest, resulting in improved overall performance.
  • Standardize Best Practices – With IdeaNet an organization can secure, stabilize, standardize, and apply its preferred or best practices to realize dramatic increases in productivity.
  • Support Effective Succession Planning – IdeaNet can be used to secure the unique combination of knowledge and experience that makes your key employees successful at their jobs so it can be efficiently passed on to those being groomed to move into new positions.

“ORG used IdeaNet to help us develop a plan to implement and operate an innovative program to improve access to health care. When the plan was complete, it was ready to roll with everyone on my project team on the same page about the goals of the program and their role and the roles of others in achieving those goals. With IdeaNet, it’s easy for my staff to report status on their to-dos, and for me to track the progress of the program.”

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