Alignment and Core Business Development

Our alignment and core business development services help you identify and improve your organization’s core functions, and align and apply all of your resources to achieve your goals.  We also work with you to measure your performance to help keep you on track and focused on getting the results you desire.

As a result of our approach to improving your performance, you’ll be able to answer “yes” to each of the following questions:

  • Does your team understand the organization’s core work?
  • Does your team have a clear sense of what’s important to achieving success and improving its performance?
  • Does your team report on its performance in ways that are meaningful to you and your customers?
  • Does your team set realistic priorities and effectively manage its workload?
  • Is everything your team is doing move you closer toward achieving your goals?
  • Does your team have confidence that it’s on the right track?

"The ORG team's ability to establish meaningful, supportive relationships with our staff while providing firm coaching and mentoring in some of the more challenging aspects of leadership development has been particularly helpful."

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