Succession Planning to Sustain High Performance

Succession planning ensures your team always stays on track when key people leave.  We help you identify the kinds of people, skills, knowledge, and systems your team needs to be successful and work with you to “condition” your team to perform well over the long-haul.  Our approach includes:

  • Helping leaders learn from their teams what is needed to sustain high performance.  This not only helps them become better leaders, but prepares them to smoothly pass the baton of leadership to someone new without their team breaking its stride.
  • Capturing the way your high-performing team members do their jobs in an interactive, easily accessible knowledge library that we help you create using tools and technology like our IdeaNetâ„¢ Solution.  This knowledge library can then be used to coach others to improve and to efficiently orient a new team member to their job.

“My thinking was - if Robert was to leave our organization tomorrow, our clients would feel the difference immediately and for a long time to come. ORG’s process of harvesting and securing Robert’s critical knowledge so that we could carry on in his absence without skipping a beat has been a godsend.”

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