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Stephen Harrell

I’ve been part of the ORG team for more than 10 years.  My long-term and continuing commitment to ORG is grounded in one basic principle: What is most important is what is effective. It’s what guides everything ORG does, and it’s one reason why ORG is so successful at helping organizations improve their performance and get the results they desire.  As a consultant, I measure success based on how well the leaders and teams I partner with achieve their goals and create long-term sustainable gains in their performance.

I bring 20 years of diverse organizational and leadership development experience to my work with ORG, including:

  • Helping national service programs like AmeriCorps find ways to more effectively connect with and make a difference in the communities they serve.  This includes work as a coach with the NW Regional Educational Lab to help these kinds of programs develop the capacity to improve their performance. These efforts have earned recognition for a variety of best practices and are still vibrant after 14 years.
  • Developing and leading projects for the Washington Leadership Institute that support young people, adults and local organizations come together and solve community problems. As part of this work, I founded and established a Mentor and Role Model Consortium that was recognized statewide as an outstanding community-development project.
  • As a faculty member of the Washington Governors’ School for Citizen Leadership, helping local community leaders learn the skills they need to develop innovative programs and strategies to bring diverse groups and interests together to improve the quality of life in their communities.

I hold a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences - with an emphasis in Consulting and Coaching in Organizations - from Bastyr University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Western Washington University. Most recently, I earned a Certificate in Non-Profit and National Service Management from the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. Community service activities include leadership roles on two non-profit boards and mediation through our local Dispute Resolution Center. My hobbies center around cycling, kayaking, cooking and music. The passion for for the latter started with the piano at age six. and ultimately led to becoming a contributing writer for The Absolute Sound, an international journal that explores all manner of music and its reproduction in the home.

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