Catherine Geissler

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Catherine Geissler

I‘ve been lucky to have my dream job for 15 years. I’m a trainer, coach, and facilitator building teams, working with leaders, and sparking innovation in organizations. I love to make learning fun and am an expert in adult learning techniques. I drew on these skills and interests and the education I received to obtain a Masters of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science to co-develop Zoom, a process improvement training designed for easy and effective implementation in service companies and governments.

I help discouraged, overworked employees see the light with process improvements and simple data collection. I enjoy learning about their jobs and helping them implement changes that make their work life easier. The best part of Zoom for them and me is implementing the out-of–the-box changes no one believed possible. As a result of my training and coaching, clients have decreased turn-around-times, shortened lead times, exceeded regulatory requirements, and removed barriers to good customer service that have existed for years.

I live in the small town of Gig Harbor, Washington. My hobby, and some day my third career, will be writing mystery novels. My best friend and I backpack Alaska and British Columbia in search of our favorite animal—grizzly bears.

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